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Non-nuclear density and velocity meter

Nonius™ SM

Non-nuclear density and velocity meter in one device

The primary function of the Nonius SM is on-the-fly logging of the productive output of the dredge pump.


  • To measure velocity of the material as to a layer (to the accuracy of 2 cm) and therefor accurately calculate the production of slurry
  • To analyze density of liquid in the pipe
  • To analyze density of slurry in the pipe – layer by layer
  • To have real-time dredge output information (based on the amount of dry solid)
  • To have current reports on processed amounts of slurry and dry solids with data collected separately for each operator
  • To recognize the material in the pipe (sand, clay, gravel)


  • No radiation (no expenses for isotope certification)
  • Not cut-in solution (fewer expenses for wear-and-tear reasons. No need to upgrade the ship’s documentations)
  • Measurement of velocity of the material layer by layer (more detailed information)
  • Extremely precise
  • Сan be integrated with the Nonius™ CSD, the monitoring complex for suction dredgers (fewer expenses for installation)

Possible applications:

  • Monitoring of dredging operations
  • Monitoring of the amount of mined material
  • Monitoring of the fuel’s characteristics while bunkering

This system not only allows making on-the-fly recordings of performed work but also can show you the amount of valuable material separately. As the result, you can decrease expenses for its recovery and for technical support in general)

The automatic reporting module lets the manager obtain data on performed works without involving personnel action, allows real-time remote supervision and assessment of workflow and progress comparison of several operators.

Type Density and velocity meter
Measurement range of velocity +-10 m/s
Measurement range of density 1.0-1.7×1000 kg/m3
Quantity of detectors 4
Activity indicator Graphic display
Operating voltage 9-36V
Рower consumption <4 W
Interface type Ethernet FE/th>
Сommunication protocol Modbus
Node ID 1…255 (programmable)
Ambient temperature -30…+80 С°
Storage temperature -40..+85 С°
Connection type 8P8C RJ45
Body material Aluminium
Protection level IP65
Total weight 850 gr