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For Suction dredgers

Nonius™ CSD


The 3D positioning and monitoring system for cutter suction and plain suction dredgers provides a significant increase in efficiency of bottom dredging. The dredge master can control the location of the dredger with regard to the depth map, as well as the location of the draghead against the bottom surface, target depth and boundaries. Moreover, an operator can always identify the areas where the works haven’t been performed yet.


  • Realtime spatial control of the dredger and its buckets or dragheads (moving vertical and side 3D representations)
  • Dredging process logging (control of the bottom surface by means of colored depth maps, a digital tablet and 3D representation)
  • Current depths display against the original survey data
  • The additional information (GPS signal performance, current coordinates, pitch and roll, draghead sensors data) display can be customized
  • Realtime spatial control of the dredger and logging of all the dredger’s movements
  • Angle and depth display for all the dredger elements
  • Map rotation according to the ship’s movement
  • Monitoring of the draghead position both while working and being transported
  • Project files can be exported from the system (including xyz format)
  • Current reports on the dredging works are available to the operator
  • Introduction and editing of the project level boundaries (benchmarks) as well as other project details
  • You can measure the distance and get the exact coordinated from the map
  • You can change the scale and view different parts of the map
  • Saving all the recordings of performed works, equipment and personnel operation time
  • Automatic reports on executed works, including the cubic volume, volume of the overdrege, dredged area etc.

Nonius CSD system can be integrated with Non-nuclear production system for the dredgers Nonius SM

The automatic reporting module lets the manager obtain data on performed works without involving any personnel, allows realtime remote supervision and assessment of workflow and progress comparison of several operators. If the systems are installed on more than one dredger, operation of all equipment units can be supervised by means of the online interface, ensuring objective assessment of the production situation in general.

If Nonius™ CSD and Nonius™ FleetControl are used together, the module of automatic reporting allows the Manager to check the scope of completed works without involvement of the staff, as well as to remotely supervise the progress of works real-time, to assess the dynamics of works and to compare progress achieved by several operators. If the systems are installed on several dredgers, the online interface FleetControl allows to supervise the operation of all units of equipment and to objectively assess the overall production situation.

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