Dredging monitoring system for grab dredgers and floating cranes

The system for grab dredgers and floating cranes significantly increases bottom dredging efficiency. The dredge master can control the location of the dredger with regard to the depth map, as well as the location of the draghead against the bottom surface, target depth and boundaries. Moreover, the operator can always identify the areas where the works haven't been performed yet.

Nonius Grab system is suited for grab dredgers, floating cranes and cranes on a jack-ups.
Main advantages
  • 1
    Reducing the cost
  • 2
    Total control of processes by the operator (dredge master)
  • 3
    Elimination of unpaid works
  • 4
    Maximum accuracy and efficiency on every cubic meter of the project
  • 5
    Online data access to dredging progress from any place in the world
The user interface
The user interface may vary depending on the vessel project, sensors, and end user's setups and specific needs.
Primary functions
  • 1
    Total control of the situation
    — Realtime spatial control of the dredger and its buckets or dragheads (moving vertical and side 3D representations)

    — Current depths display against the original survey data

    — Dredging process logging (bottom surface monitoring by colored depth maps, a digital tablet and 3D representation)

    — Angle and depth display for all the dredger elements;

  • 2
    Monitoring and planning
    — The additional information (GPS signal performance, current coordinates, pitch and roll, draghead sensors data) display can be customized

    — Current reports on the dredging works are available to the operator as well as in the cabin;

    — Entering the project dredging depth (reference mark) or ditch profile;

    — You can measure the distance and get the exact coordinates from the map
  • 3
    Working with maps
    — Project files can be exported from the system (including xyz format)

    — You can change the scale and view different parts of the map

    — Map rotates according to the ship's movement

    — Introduction and editing of the project level boundaries (benchmarks) as well as other project details
  • 4
    — Realtime spatial control of the dredger and logging of all the dredger's movements

    — Saving all the recordings of performed works, equipment and personnel operation time

    — Remote data saving to Nonius FleetControl

    — All the sensors already aboard you can connect to the system
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