The cloud service for supervision of dredging works

This system is useful for project managers as it gives you online access to current data on dredging progress using any computer connected to the internet. It uses a server to consolidate data from any amount of dredgers equipped with Nonius systems, visualizes such data and compiles it into tables and flowcharts. This system also allows you to upload new hydrographic data and technical assignments to dredgers.

The system is available in two different sets: server version and the cloud version.

Main advantages
  • 1
    Online data access to dredging progress 24/7
  • 2
    Simple interactions between vessel and office
  • 3
    Built-in toolkit for hydrographic services and a mine surveyors
  • 4
    Effective project management
  • 5
    Gathering information on dredging progress automatically
The user interface
The user interface may vary depending on the vessel project, sensors, and end user's setups and specific needs.
Main functions
  • 1
    Total project control
    You'll be able:

    — to assess current location of all fleet units or their location at any moment after the work started, as the system tracks their path and displays it on the virtual map.

    — to assess current depths reached or depths reached at any moment after the work started, as colored indications of depths are also displayed on the virtual map.

    — to assess work dynamic through "playback" of collected data.

    — to track amounts of soil excavated by every dredger and every operator.

    — to assess production output of each working shift, as well as time and materials consumption with regard to the excavated amount of soil, which consequently allows to determine the relative prime cost of works.
  • 2
    Working with maps
    — It is possible to install new layouts and to send new technical assignments to dredgers remotely
  • 3
    — Choosing the roles within the project and access by personal login and password

    — FleetControl is compatible with all Nonius monitoring systems
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