Automatic control system for CSD

Nonius DredgeControl is a complex solution that helps you to increase efficiency of a suction dredger by 25%.

– automatic control of the soil intake device;
– production accounting;
– 3D-positioning.

Nonius DredgeControl will be particularly useful for dredging and mining companies, also mining and processing integrated plants and large-scale production enterprises and manufactures which have the TMF (tailing ponds).

Датчик неизотопного плотномера
Main advantages
  • 1
    Increasing efficiency of a suction dredger by 25%
  • 2
    Automatically ensure the best position of the soil intake device
  • 3
    Automatically maintain the required level of vacuum and pressure
  • 4
    Reducing unnecessary costs, including fuel and maintenance;
  • 5
    Reducing the downtime by reducing waste work, work beyond the boundaries of planned scooping and beyond the reference mark
  • 6
    Reducing the load on the operator during worktime
The user interface
Primary functions
  • 1
    Automatic control unit
    – Automatic control of the frame-lifting winch according to the vertical axis based on the data from the vacuum and pressure sensor;

    – Adjusting operating values (frame lowering speed, returning the winch to transport position);

    – Calculation and display of correct and possible areas of dredger positioning;

    – Saving the data to the computer;

    – Connecting other process control elements if necessary.
  • 2
    Productionmeasuring unit
    – Measuring speed of the material in the pipe and precise accounting of the pulp flow;

    – Measuring density of the material (pulp concentration in the pipe);

    – Providing data on the current performance of dry material;

    – Operational summary of produced volumes by slurry and dry material with separate accounting for several operators.
  • 3
    3D positioning unit
    – Real-life displaying the position of the dredger and its mechanisms;

    – Displaying current depths on the digital map of the work area in accordance with

    initial measurement;

    – Dynamic recording of the dredging process;

    – Displaying horizontal and vertical moving projections of the vessel.
For best results, we recommend equipping your dredger with the complete Nonius DredgeControl automation package, but we are also can discuss equipping your dredger with any of the units separately.
If you have been working with us for a long time and you already have a Nonius CSD positioning system or a Nonius SlurryMeter performance metering system installed, you do not have to buy the whole Nonius DredgeControl complex again.

The automatic control unit is fully compatible with previously installed Nonius systems, it can be easily added, thereby significantly reducing costs.

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