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Nonius Engineering is a dredging automation IT-company, that was founded in 2008 and is based in St. Petersburg.
We are a team of talented, experienced, and innovative programmers. Our company develops software for microcontroller devices using the C language.
The software for industrial computers used in our complexes is written in C++ and Python. Server software is developed in Python and TypeScript.
3D positioning
and monitoring system
for dredgers
This system could substantially enhance dredging and mining efficiency.

Our positioning and monitoring systems help to find the most effective and sufficient operating mode for a dredger – there will be:
– less wasted time,
– less unnecessary works out of the project boundaries,
– fewer expenses for fuel and maintenance.

As the result, cost efficiency and productivity significantly increase.

3D positioning system is perfectly suited for the following dredging vessels types:

The cloud service
for supervision of dredging works
This system is useful for project managers, Hydrographic services and a mine surveyors as it allows online access to all the current data and settings of the dredging progress using any computer or device connected to the internet.

This cloud service is compatible with all Nonius hardware and software solutions.
Production monitoring system
Nonius SlurryMeter – density and velocity meter in one device. The primary function is on-the-fly logging of the productive output of the dredge pump. System helps to find the most effective mode for a cutter suction dredger and record-keeping only useful and clean material.
Why do our clients trust us?
Nonius Engineering is a modern company, we develop automation and monitoring means for industrial ships, as well as systems used to position mechanisms underwater.

We create own products and we always look for the ways to improve them.

On our team we have engineers and IT specialists of the highest qualification with wide installation experience.

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Modern, reliable
and affordable IT-solutions for dredging automation
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