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Become our partner

It is easy to become our partner and it is beneficial to cooperate with us.

Dear colleagues!
We are looking forward to offer you partnership on beneficial terms, if your company is involved in:

  • Manufacturing and repair of dredgers;
  • Development of design documents, supply, modification and upgrade of existing vessels;
  • Manufacturing or supply of hydraulic excavating equipment and hydraulic structures;
  • Supply of shipboard electrical and radio equipment, navigational aids and systems;
  • Supply or manufacturing of measuring and control tools and automation aids;
  • Rendering of services in the field of design and supply of equipment, components and software, as well as turnkey commissioning of automated systems for process management;
  • Rendering of any services associated with works afloat and underwater.

To learn more about partnership options call +7 (812) 313-65-98 or send an email to