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Nonius™ SB

The Nonius™ SB System enables automation of bottom facilities backfill by means of dump scows. To use the system effectively the user needs to know immersion properties of different materials in a certain area (such data is often obtained experimentally).

Basic system functions:

  • Finding dumping points.
  • Monitoring of the dump scow position regarding the dumping points (besides the visual dynamic plan, the operator is aided with the system beeper that sounds when the scow is approaching the dumping point and when materials need to be dumped).
  • Records of dumps made by every user, including the wrong ones.
  • Multi-user server system allows to keep unified records on dumping performed by several dump scows: the data is stored at the server, and every dump scow gets information from it.

We’ve also developed a remote control system for dumping mechanisms of non-propelling scows that ensures wireless control of opening and closing of trapdoors in scows trailed with a towing cable.