Nonius Engineering Company.
Smart approach to overwater
and underwater works

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Three main tasks we can help you with

1. Cost reduction

• No unnecessary works done.
• Reduction of indirect costs of works.
• Assessment of scopes of work done and to be done.
• Statistics collection and comparison of progress achieved by different shifts applying dredgers.

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2. Visualization

• The entire gamut of specialized equipment and software helps to see what is going on underwater at the bottom.
• It helps answering certain questions like “Where should we scoop?”, “How deep should we scoop?”, “How much has been scooped? / How much should be scooped now?”, “Where can scooping be avoided?”

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3. Supervision
    over accomplishment of works

• Preparing tasks for the dredger (limits of scooping, project reference marks).
• Prompt adjustment of the task, data update aboard, in particular, remotely, via Internet, by means of the software pack that contains tools for the Manager, the Dredge Master and the Hydrographer.

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